Nikon F3 film camera for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Nikon F3 camera body for sale

This camera has now been sold, but see here for details of the Type B and Type J focussing screens which I still have available for the Nikon F3.

Also for sale is a Nikon 80-200 f4 AIS manual focus lens in excellent condition.

The Nikon F3 was one of the company’s most successful professional film cameras, and remained in production for 20 years – including 12 years after its “successor”the F4 was introduced in 1988. The Nikon F3 was a true system camera – available with 5 different viewfinders, 20 focussing screens, interchangeable film backs, motor drives, dedicated flash units and camera cases – as well as hundreds of different lenses as well. Multiple versions of the camera were produced during its lifespan, and its build quality and reliability were legendary and highly valued by professional photographers – and are part of the reason that it is still much sought after by film photographers today.

This particular F3 body has been owned by me for 20 years, having had one previous owner. In the time I have owned it, it has had light use, being kept mainly as a backup camera. It is working absolutely faultlessly, and is in very good cosmetic condition. The only marks on it are on the baseplate – mainly where it has been screwed on and off a tripod and motor drive. The felt light traps in the camera were replaced about 4 years ago.

This F3 body comes with the standard DE-2 eye-level viewfinder, type K focussing screen (matte/Fresnel field with microprism & split-image rangefinder), body cap and instruction manual. I am also including an original Nikon DK-4 rubber eyecup.

It is for sale at £280.00.

The camera is for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and a personal viewing is highly recommended to appreciate what lovely condition it is in. I am also willing to ship it anywhere in the UK (subject to  extra carriage charges). Please contact me for further details.

The F3 is a true professional camera, as demonstrated by some of its advanced features:

  • shutter speeds from 8 to 1/2,000 sec. in both aperture-priority automatic and manual exposure modes.
  • mechanical shutter speeds at both “T” and 1/60sec settings – even without battery power!
  • exposure memory lock button
  • multiple exposure facility
  • mirror lockup
  • eyepiece shutter
  • viewfinder illuminator
  • TTL flash metering

Further details about the history of the Nikon F3 can be found here.

Optional accessories also available

Nikon 80-200mm F4 AIS zoom lens for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

If you need a superb quality telephoto zoom lens to match this body, I am also selling a fine example of the Nikon 80 – 200mm f4 AIS lens.

Focussing screens for Nikon F3 for sale in DerbyshireType B focussing screen (matte/Fresnel field with fine-ground matte focussing area in centre). Good for general photography without the distraction of a microprism or split-image rangefinder – £30.00

Type J focussing screen (matte/Fresnel field with central microprism spot). The microprism is designed to work well even with slower lenses, making this screen particularly suitable for use with telephoto and zoom lenses. In original box – £30.00