Large capacity Tenba D17 shoulder bag for sale in Derbyshire UK

Tenba D17 Large Capacity Photographers’ Shoulder Bag

Tenba D17 photographers' shoulder bag for sale in DerbyshireThe Tenba D17 is a professional quality shoulder bag measuring 17½” x 15″ x 11″  designed for photographers who have to carry a large amount of photographic equipment. It is designed specifically for digital cameras, and is also large enough to accommodate medium format systems. This bag is even large enough to hold my Nikon 200 – 500mm lens with a camera attached in the upright position!

It can hold 3 motorised camera bodies, 6 lenses, a flash and up to 24 media cards – as well as having 150 in³ of zipped storage space for smaller items.

This bag is for sale at only £60.00.

Large capacity Tenba D17 photographers' shoulder bag for sale in Derbyshire UK
Zipped front flap lowered showing inside storage pockets

It is completely new and unused. It is missing its shoulder strap – which is actually not a disadvantage. This is because the clips used on the shoulder strap and carrying handle are prone to break unexpectedly (I have had 2 of them fail in exactly the same way) and should not be trusted in my opinion. Multiple reports on the internet speak of the same problems, so it’s obviously a design flaw with the clips themselves.

Large capacity Tenba D17 shoulder bag for sale in Derbyshire UK
Sturdy D shaped metal attachment points for shoulder and carry straps – and the dodgy clip on the carrying handle supplied with the bag

Fortunately, it is very easy to attach another shoulder strap or carry handle to the sturdy D shaped metal rings on the bag itself.

The bag is for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I would strongly recommend personal inspection to ensure that it meets your storage requirements, but I am happy to ship it anywhere in the UK if that is not possible. Please contact me for more details.

See below for full specifications:

  • Outer material is tear resistant nylon, which is easy to keep clean
  • Foldout waterproof raincover
  • Rear wall is made of a padded shock dispersion material to help protect the contents and for comfort when carrying the bag
  • Moveable velcro dividers allow for great internal customisation
  • Top flap can be opened in any of 4 directions
  • Quick access ports on left and right sides of bag
  • Fold-out zipped front panel with pockets both inside and out for storage of smaller items
  • Hidden inside compartment for storage of valuables
  • Security clips for keys

Further details can be seen here.