Traditional wedding albums with overlays for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Traditional Wedding Albums with Overlays, Thank You Cards & CD/DVD Folio

Traditional Wedding Albums With Overlays

These Spicer Hallfield Aylesbury and Dovedale albums are both traditional style photo albums designed to hold prints up to 5″x5″ size with overlays (also known as matts).

Both albums measure approx. 8″x6¾” externally, and are designed as parents’ albums – or simply to be smaller and more portable than larger albums. They were from the Consort range of traditional wedding albums made by Spicer Hallfield (who used to be the largest manufacturer of wedding albums in the UK). These items are the last stock that I still have from my years as a professional wedding photographer, and I am selling them at substantially less than their original trade prices. As Spicer Hallfield went out of business years ago, it is unlikely that these items are still available anywhere else.

Aylesbury Album

Spicer Hallfield Aylesbury traditional wedding album with gold edged leaves and overlays

The Aylesbury album has a softly padded cream cover with a textured finish, with “Wedding” blocked in gold. It is supplied with deluxe gold-edged and metal cornered leaves and premium grained and varnished black overlays. It can hold up to twenty 5″x3½” prints.

The album, leaves and overlays are all new and factory sealed.

It is supplied complete with its original attractive presentation box, and costs only £20.00 complete.

Dovedale Album

The Dovedale album (see below and in photo at top of the page) has a smooth padded grey cover which is blocked “Our Daughter’s Wedding” in gold. It is supplied with matching deckle-edged grey leaves and overlays with pre-cut apertures to hold up to thirty prints.

Traditional Spicer Hallfield Dovedale wedding album with overlays for sale in Derbyshire

The overlays all have gold blocking around the apertures in the following sizes and shapes: 5″x5″ square (6), 5″x5″ circular (10), 5″x4″ rectangular (2) and 5″x4″ oval (12) .

Alternatively, prints can be mounted directly onto the leaves without the overlays  – allowing  print  sizes  up to  6″x6″  to be accommodated.

This album has had very light use as a sample album, and is in excellent condition. It costs only £15.00 complete with the leaves and overlays.

I also have a range of larger handmade wedding albums for sale at bargain prices. See here for further details.

Thank You Cards

Thank you cards for sale, DerbyshireCream card mounts featuring a subtle linen embossed surface  blocked ‘Thank You’ in silver in the bottom right hand corner of the cover. Inside is an overlay made with matching board and an aperture to hold a 5″x3½” print (portrait format), with an embossed aperture line crossing in each corner. New and unused.

Supplied complete with matching white envelopes.

38 cards for only £12.00

CD/DVD Folio

A premium quality folio made by MTA designed to hold one CD/DVD, with a plain black cover. It also allows a single print (up to 5”x5”) to be displayed on the inside cover using the supplied matching black overlay. It comes in an attractive black rigid presentation box, and is completely new and unused.
It costs just £6.00.