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Epson A4 Premium Photo Paper Sale

Epson Premium Glossy & Premium Semigloss photo paperI have some surplus stocks of A4 size Epson Premium Photo Paper for sale at great prices. The packs of 20 sheets are available in both Glossy and Semigloss surfaces, and are all new and unopened.

Thanks to their heavier weight (the Glossy weighs 255g/m2, and the Semigloss 251 g/m2), these papers have the look and feel of traditional resin coated photographic paper, and they are able to produce rich and vibrant colours.

The Glossy paper costs only £12.00 per pack (6 packs available).

The Semigloss paper costs just £14.00 per pack (8 packs available).

They are for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, or can be posted anywhere in the UK (at extra cost).

Please contact me if interested.

Effects Filter Set For Film or Digital Photography

This filter set provides a low-cost entry to experimenting with different effects and techniques – particularly for film photographers. It includes filters which are suitable for both landscape photography (including graduated and neutral density filters) as well as for weddings and portraiture effects (soft focus and vignettes). They have been used professionally on both 35mm and medium format film cameras.

Cromatek filters were introduced at about the same time as the better known Cokin filter system and were of a similar style – consisting of a filter holder with slip-in filters. Being mostly made of optical resin, they were a cheaper alternative to traditional glass screw-in filters, and included a much wider range of special effects. They were originally designed for film cameras, but are equally suited to digital cameras where the photographer would rather create effects in-camera rather than using Photoshop or some other photo editing software in post-processing.

The condition of the filters varies. All have been used – some quite heavily and others very little. All are however perfectly serviceable with no cracks or serious scratches and represent excellent value for the asking price of only £20.00.

Cromatek filter holder
The filter holder, front cover and lens adaptor rings

The Cromatek system fits lenses with a filter thread from 46 mm to 67 mm (and Hasselblad B60 bayonet fitting). All the filters (except graduated ones) measure 75 mm x 75 mm and have a black plastic rim for protection and easy handling (if the plastic rim is removed, the filters measure 67 mm x 67 mm and are compatible with Cokin A series filter holders). Each filter comes with its own sturdy plastic box for storage.

The set includes the following:

1x Cromatek filter holder with slots to hold up to 3 Cromatek (or any other 75 x 75 mm) filters, plus an extra slot on the front for graduated filters. The front slot is also compatible with Cokin (P series) filters.

1x front cover for the filter holder.

6x lens adaptor rings (49 mm, 52 mm, 55 mm, 62 mm, 67 mm and Hasselblad B60 sizes).

14x Cromatek filters comprising the following:

  • light grey graduated 
  • dark grey graduated
  • yellow
  • neutral density N.D 2
  • 81C warming
  • 82A blue
  • 85B artificial/daylight conversion
  • pastel
  • clear centre oval diffuser
  • clear centre spot diffuser
  • grey colour soft oval cameo
  • grey/low key oval vignette
  • white/high key oval vignette
  • black oval vignette

1x Hoyarex softener B filter.

1x Cromatek system handbook.

The complete set is for sale at the bargain price of only £20.00 – which is well below the cost of the lens adaptor rings alone. It is being sold from Chesterfield in Derbyshire. Inspection prior to purchase is welcome, or it can be posted anywhere (at extra cost).

Please contact me if you are interested, or need any further information.

Type B and J Focussing Screens for Nikon F3

As a true professional system camera, the Nikon F3 manual focus film camera had a range of 20 different focussing screens available. These allowed the photographer to pick the most suitable one for a particular type of subject matter or lens.

These screens are no longer available new, but I am selling the 2 screens that I used in preference to the standard (Type K) one. Both are in excellent condition, with no visible marks or scratches. They are for sale at £30.00 each including postage within the UK. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing, or require further information.

Type B focussing screen for Nikon F3The Type B screen is a plain matte/Fresnel screen with a 3mm diameter fine-ground focussing spot in the centre, surrounded by a 12mm diameter reference circle. It is an excellent screen for general photography, and the fact that there is no split-image rangefinder in the centre of the screen to black out with slower lenses makes it also very useful with telephoto lenses. It is also excellent for close-up photography, where the plain screen is a distinct advantage.  The screen is supplied with its original protective plastic case.

Type J focussing screen for Nikon F3The Type J screen is a matte/Fresnel screen with a microprism focussing spot in the centre, surrounded by a 12mm diameter reference circle. It is great for general subjects, and as the microprism works with apertures as small as f5.6, it is particularly suited for use with slower zoom and telephoto lenses. The microprism is extremely accurate, and is very useful for pinpoint focussing with longer focal length lenses at greater distances (eg towards the infinity position). The screen is supplied with its original protective plastic case and box.

Both screens work extremely well with the Nikon 80-200mm AIS zoom lens that I also have for sale.

These screens are being sold from Derbyshire in the UK, but I am willing to ship them anywhere within the UK or worldwide. Personal inspection prior to purchase is also welcome. Please contact me if interested.

Nikon 80-200mm f4 AIS Zoom Lens For Sale

Nikon has always had a reputation for making some of, if not the finest, zoom lenses in the 70/80 – 200mm range. This lens is no exception. It was the ultimate manual focus lens of this type, and is of the “push/pull” design – featuring a single ring for both zooming and focussing.

Nikon’s manual focus AIS lenses were renowned for being close to mechanical perfection, and both the zooming and focussing movements of this lens are silky smooth (one of the reasons why these lenses are valued so highly by videographers). This lens is also razor-sharp optically, and can be used not only on all the Nikon film cameras, but also many modern F mount digital slrs. The following Nikon DSLRs provide rangefinder-assisted manual focus, matrix exposure metering, and correct metadata once you have set the maximum aperture of the lens in the camera’s menus: D200, D300 series, D500, D600/D610, D700, D750, D780, D800/D810/D850 series, D7000/D7100/D7200, D1 series, D2 series, D3 series, D4 series, D5 and D6.

The diaphragm mechanism in this lens is working perfectly, and the optics are in absolutely mint condition – with no marks or scratches, fungus or even dust visible inside the lens at all. Cosmetically, there are some small marks on the lens barrel in one place, but otherwise, the lens is in excellent condition.

I have owned this lens from new (purchase price £800 in 1992!), and it comes with its original box, Nikon warranty card and manual. I am also including a Hoya 62mm UV filter (the lens has always been protected by a filter), and a metal Nikon HN-23 screw-in lens hood.

This lens is for sale at £300.00.

It is in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and inspection of the lens in person is highly recommended. I am also willing to ship it anywhere in the UK (subject to  extra carriage charges).

Please contact me for further details.

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Tenba D17 Large Capacity Photographers’ Shoulder Bag

Tenba D17 photographers' shoulder bag for sale in DerbyshireThe Tenba D17 is a professional quality shoulder bag measuring 17½” x 15″ x 11″  designed for photographers who have to carry a large amount of photographic equipment. It is designed specifically for digital cameras, and is also large enough to accommodate medium format systems. This bag is even large enough to hold my Nikon 200 – 500mm lens with a camera attached in the upright position!

It can hold 3 motorised camera bodies, 6 lenses, a flash and up to 24 media cards – as well as having 150 in³ of zipped storage space for smaller items.

This bag is for sale at only £60.00.

Large capacity Tenba D17 photographers' shoulder bag for sale in Derbyshire UK
Zipped front flap lowered showing inside storage pockets

It is completely new and unused. It is missing its shoulder strap – which is actually not a disadvantage. This is because the clips used on the shoulder strap and carrying handle are prone to break unexpectedly (I have had 2 of them fail in exactly the same way) and should not be trusted in my opinion. Multiple reports on the internet speak of the same problems, so it’s obviously a design flaw with the clips themselves.

Large capacity Tenba D17 shoulder bag for sale in Derbyshire UK
Sturdy D shaped metal attachment points for shoulder and carry straps – and the dodgy clip on the carrying handle supplied with the bag

Fortunately, it is very easy to attach another shoulder strap or carry handle to the sturdy D shaped metal rings on the bag itself.

The bag is for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. I would strongly recommend personal inspection to ensure that it meets your storage requirements, but I am happy to ship it anywhere in the UK if that is not possible. Please contact me for more details.

See below for full specifications:

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Nikon F3 camera body for sale

This camera has now been sold, but see here for details of the Type B and Type J focussing screens which I still have available for the Nikon F3.

Also for sale is a Nikon 80-200 f4 AIS manual focus lens in excellent condition.

The Nikon F3 was one of the company’s most successful professional film cameras, and remained in production for 20 years – including 12 years after its “successor”the F4 was introduced in 1988. The Nikon F3 was a true system camera – available with 5 different viewfinders, 20 focussing screens, interchangeable film backs, motor drives, dedicated flash units and camera cases – as well as hundreds of different lenses as well. Multiple versions of the camera were produced during its lifespan, and its build quality and reliability were legendary and highly valued by professional photographers – and are part of the reason that it is still much sought after by film photographers today.

This particular F3 body has been owned by me for 20 years, having had one previous owner. In the time I have owned it, it has had light use, being kept mainly as a backup camera. It is working absolutely faultlessly, and is in very good cosmetic condition. The only marks on it are on the baseplate – mainly where it has been screwed on and off a tripod and motor drive. The felt light traps in the camera were replaced about 4 years ago.

This F3 body comes with the standard DE-2 eye-level viewfinder, type K focussing screen (matte/Fresnel field with microprism & split-image rangefinder), body cap and instruction manual. I am also including an original Nikon DK-4 rubber eyecup.

It is for sale at £280.00.

The camera is for sale in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and a personal viewing is highly recommended to appreciate what lovely condition it is in. I am also willing to ship it anywhere in the UK (subject to  extra carriage charges). Please contact me for further details.

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